Why iPhone 5C over iPhone 5S?

I know this is not the time of the year when Apple release/updates it’s mobile devices and the web is stormed with the blogs and videos reviewing each one of them in every possible way. I remember watching one video labeled “iPhone boiling test”.. Lol!! I wonder what’s their encouragement.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Well, my this post is not about any initial thoughts or comparisons that anyone do before they go buy a new phone, comparing which one to go for; the candy king iPhone 5C or the silent beast iPhone 5S. I would discuss and point out few of the prime and deep experiences that I had with both these phone after having them for months now. 
Both the phones 5C and 5S are pretty fast. Approximately same on battery. The Speed difference between two phones is not noticeable until you run some high processor-taxing App like iMovie or iPhoto; for everything regular you do on your phone they both appear to be same. But as my main everyday use device I choose iPhone 5C and not 5S. I have a list of reasons why! Initially like everyone else I was expecting iPhone 5C to be a cheap iPhone; Apple never hinted about anything like that happening, never intended to do that. So, if I say iPhone 5C is not the flagship iPhone neither it’s a cheap iPhone, I brought that on myself. I misunderstood iPhone 5C.
There is simple point to understand about Cellular-Phones, we cannot judge them only by how aesthetic they are in appearance, or how solid they are on their tech-specs, how gimmick they tend to be to impress us. The Cellular Phone should not just be about such few things that convince us in that moment to empty our wallets. They should be thought through; the designers, engineers, manufactures should have kept in mind how would it go in the person’s hand after mesmerisation fades away. Would it be simple to use or it’s aesthetic appeal would hinder the actual usage of the device and most importantly how satisfying would it be after 6-months of use.

iPhone 5C is simple in design: It is a plastic casing, unibody that feels right and perfect even after months of usage. While iPhone 5S is cluttered, no doubt it has more aesthetic and decorative appeal but for me the flashiness of iPhone 5S does come in my way of actually handing it. Even posing extra care for iPhone 5S.
iPhone 5C is more solid: As a matter of fact I find iPhone 5C more solid, rigid and less prone to scratches and dent. The bezel of iPhone 5S is a baby, with just regular use only you will find plenty scratches on the bezel. iPhone 5C certainly doesn’t need so much care.
iPhone 5C is curvy: I like the curve and smooth body of iPhone 5C. It’s more comfortable to hold while talking for a long period of time.
iPhone 5C is for iOS 7: The new look of iOS 7 resonates with iPhone 5C in every way. Now wait, I didn’t mean the colours; I mean the simplicity, the absence of everything what’s just not required (example: the two glass strips at top and bottom of iPhone 5S). The simplicity of iPhone 5C is in perfect harmony with iOS 7. While iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S are still so much of iOS 6 type.

And for few of you, who would still be stiff with their choice of iPhone 5S because of TouchID, 64-bit processor, such a brilliant new camera and new A7 and M7 chips then definitely iPhone 5S is your choice. There is more for you in iPhone 5S. But if you prefer more simplicity and use your phone for general regular use, I think iPhone 5C is a great choice.